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The easiest way to invest ter Litecoin online

I’ve talked about investing ter bitcoin and ethereum, but toevluchthaven’t indeed mentioned Litecoin. It’s fairly similar to bitcoin, has bot around since 2011, but hasn’t gotten anywhere near the amount of attention the other two cryptocurrencies have. But that may all be about to switch.

Litecoin comes to Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular Bitcoin exchange that permits you to buy and sell bitcoin using a credit card. It’s a very popular service because it’s effortless to use, secure and well designed.

Coinbase has now added Litecoin (alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum) to their exchange. This is a big overeenkomst for Litecoin. Albeit you could buy it from other exchanges, by being on Coinbase, there is an added sense of legitimacy.

It’s not verrassing that the price of Litecoin hopped after the news got out.

Will Litecoin be the next Bitcoin?

Did you miss out on buying Bitcoin or Ethereum ter the early days? Are you kicking yourself now? Well it’s fairly possible that litecoin will do the same. Albeit the software behind litecoin is similar to bitcoin, many people feel that the direction of it’s toneel could be superior to that of bitcoins.

Of course that’s no ensure the price will proceed to increase. The way I see it, I’m blessed to get on houtvezelplaat while the price is low, te the off chance that it does increase fairly a bit.

Investing through Coinbase

Coinbase makes is super effortless to buy litecoin. I signed up, had my identity verified (for fraud prevention) and bought litecoin te around Ten minutes. You are limited on how much you can buy vanaf week, again this is another fraud prevention measure, but the boundaries shouldn’t trouble most people.

eToro, the popular social trading toneelpodium, is adding Litecoin trading. This will be a hefty boost to the currency, spil it will be exposed to traditional traders. Investing te Litecoin via etoro permits you to profit from both the rise and fall of the currency spil you can choose to go long or brief. eToro has become a popular place to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum and it’s good to see them adding more digital currencies.

I see Litecoin spil a risky investment, but it is certainly interesting to be part of it’s journey.

Are you investing ter Litecoin? Think it’s price will go up? Let mij know te the comments.

All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re ready to lose. Past vertoning does not assure future results. This postbode is for educational purposes and should not be considered spil investment advice

CFDs are leveraged products. Trading ter CFDs related to foreign exchange, commodities,indices and other underlying variables, carries a high level of risk and can result te the loss of all of your investment.

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