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Thesis are outward linksaf and will open ter a fresh window

Thesis are outer linksaf and will open te a fresh window

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Everzwijn fancied investing te a buy-to-let property, but cannot afford to do it on your own? A fresh scheme permits investors to club together to buy a cheap house, do it up, then rent it out. But is it a good idea?

One thousand pounds is all Hugh Hutchinson, a youthfull lawyer ter London, is putting towards the buy-to-let property he is hoping to be part of.

“While I make a welgevoeglijk salary, I don’t have ems of thousands of pounds sitting te the handelsbank and strafgevangenis do I have the capability to ask my parents for that sort of money,” he says.

Mr Hutchinson is bidding to be part of a group of investors who will fund the purchase of a city centre vapid ter Manchester, an chance advertised by Property Moose.

The company launched earlier this year and is one of a number of companies springing up suggesting this kleintje of investment. They organise everything and take their own slice of the investment for doing so. Each house is bought through a special purpose voertuig and shares are allocated to investors.

“I just wished to find a scheme that permitted you to invest a relatively puny amount of money to see the upside ter property ter a way that didn’t require the usual hurdles that I found fairly obstructive,” Mr Hutchinson says.

“I’d be blessed with anything more than I’d be making if it wasgoed just sitting te my handelsbank account, to be fair. I would like to see a 5% plus vanaf annum.”


Five vanaf cent looks like an excellent comeback at the uur, but is it truly that straightforward?

The company Mr Hutchinson is investing with does not offerande any ensured comebacks, but other companies do opoffering what look like very tempting rates.

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Investors with rival company The House Crowd, which has bot operating ter the North Westelijk of England since 2012, have two options to choose from.

Firstly, there is the income-only proefje, which pays investors a immovable 7.5% a year from the rental income based on the share they waterput te. So, an investor putting ?Trio,000 into a property would receive ?225 every year (the average investment made vanaf property is ?Trio,700).

Secondly, there is the profit-share prototype, which pays investors a immobile 6% a year i.e. ?180 if they’d invested ?Three,000. And then they would also get their share of half the profits, the company says, when the house is sold. The company takes the other half.

Falling prices

This rather assumes the house you invest ter will go up te price, but what if it does not?

The company will proceed to rent the house out, says Frazer Fearnhead, the managing director of The House Crowd. The truth is when they have attempted to do quick do-up and sell-on jobs ter the past, they did not turn out to be the get-rich-quick schemes investors had hoped.

“It didn’t work, to be klinkklaar,” he says. “Wij’ve sold one property for a gepast profit. Another one is just about to sell now, but wij’ve had five offers fall through on that property.

“That will make about a 24% build up when wij sell it, so not bad, but it’s taken a long time to do that. And then three others that wij intended to do that for, wij couldn’t do and are now being rented out.”

But even if you were to consider it simply spil an income-only investment, 7.5% on that sounds rather ambitious. The national average rental yield is about 5%, according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla).

Rental yields have bot falling spil house prices have bot rising swifter than rents, Frazer Fernhead concedes, but he thinks his company has got a strategy which will proceed to give investors good comes back.

“Most of our tenants are on housing benefit. Those rental levels are absolutely motionless overheen a broad geographical area, but within that broad geographical area you’ve got little pockets where the housing stock is cheaper than te other areas, so you get the same rent but the houses are cheaper to buy. Wij’ve identified those areas, and that’s how wij can maximise the yields,” he says.

But this strategy could be risky, according to David Cox, the managing director of Arla.

While housing benefit is paid onmiddellijk to the landlord at the ogenblik, he points out, there are plans for it to be paid directly to the tenant, under the government’s fresh Universal Credit welfare programme, which is being flipped out across the country by autumn 2017.

He also says investors need to be sure that the people managing the projects know how to rent out properties, so that void periods when the property lies empty are kept to a ondergrens.


There are other potential pitfalls investors should be mindful of, according to Justin Modray, from the Candid Money webstek.

He points out the charges associated with this sort of scheme, which are not insignificant. Property Moose, for example, charges 5% of the amount that is invested upfront. It then takes a 15% toverfee from the annual dividend and final sale.

And how do you get your money out? This certainly is not “effortless access”, like an Isa, Mr Modray says.

“If you want to get your money back, you could end up waiting possibly even a year or more ter a bad situation, and if it relies on them selling the property, that could take many months before the money actually materialises,” he says.

“If the property market falls – and there’s every chance it could do given prices look fairly toppy at the uur – then you could actually end up losing money.”

Getting your money out is simply a question of finding another investor willing to buy your share, Frazer Fernhead says, and that is something that has always worked out fine so far.

That might be relatively effortless to do te a rising market, but would surely be much more difficult te a plane or falling market.

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