How to Setup CGMiner for Ubuntu (Gridseed Support), Tech Wall

git clone (offical):

git clone (gridseed support):

read the readme for your configure arguments.

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./ completes ter an error. and when i type make it says no makefile found

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so vtaminer is gone now

[2017-06-30 22:42:46] Commenced cgminer Four.Trio.5-scrypt.Two

[2017-06-30 22:42:46] All devices disabled, cannot mine!

How to enable 7970 grafic card ?

Here are the precies directions to run on Ubuntu 16.04 for gridseed devices…

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libtool pkg-config libudev-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git

./configure -enable-scrypt -enable-gridseed

Then run the miner like this (substituting all the parameters spil suitable for your setup):

sudo ./cgminer -gridseed-options=baud=115200,freq=838,chips=40,modules=1,usefifo=0,btc=0 -hotplug=0 -scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1MDwAu8dY3t3kZv3AbEN2dJiN8ibg6y9Kp -p x -usb=004:005

Make sure to switch the freq value and chips value to however many chips your gridseed device has. The usb numbers can be had by doing:

lsusb | grep &quot,STM&quot, | cut -c5-7,15-18,20-32

Hi i followed your tutorial step by step and i have warning &quot,no devices detected&quot, so it wont work ! i have only cpu and gpu on my machine. Can you please help mij out ?

cgminer version Four.Trio.5-scrypt.Two – Began: [2016-05-13 01:26:35]

(5s):0.000 (1m):0.000 (5m):0.000 (15m):0.000 (avg):0.000h/s

A:0 R:0 HW:0 WU:0.0/m

Connected to diff 51 with stratum spil user dexxxxter.

Block: 1c95af03… Diff:194G Began: [01:26:35] Best share: 0

[U]SB management [P]ool management [S]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit

[2016-05-13 01:26:33] Commenced cgminer Four.Trio.5-scrypt.Two

[2016-05-13 01:26:34] No devices detected!

[2016-05-13 01:26:34] Waiting for USB hotplug devices or press q to abandon

[2016-05-13 01:26:34] Probing for an alive pool

[2016-05-13 01:26:34] Pool 0 difficulty switched to 256

[2016-05-13 01:26:35] Network diff set to 194G

[2016-05-13 01:27:09] Pool 0 difficulty switched to 51

[2016-05-13 01:27:09] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart

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