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1. I have my DOGECOIN, where can I exchange them?

Where are Trio main stable and secure dogecoins markets:

– BTER (this signup listig will give you 10% off discount on all their trading fees) (listig)

Two.My account is locked why did you do this to mij?

-your account is locked when someone/you entered wrong passwords Trio times wrong

-your account is locked when you will waterput your payout adress and dont waterput Speld

Trio) OK i got locked what i should do ?should i zekering mining?

Nope! Keep mining…all shares are counted even you account is locked it you want your account to be unlocked please send email to us [email protected] and if wij are not eating wij will unlock account for you

Four) i mine 24/7 and checked transaction and block XXXXX and XXXXX wasgoed mined by fast-pool but i didnt get credit for it?

There is few options:

– Block wasgoed found rapid and your mining equipment didnt have time to send shares to us

-block wasgoed opraned

-admin is greedy fuck and stole your money to feed hundry kids and ugly wifey (yes its joke)

very first attempt to send us email with that informatie,wij live te bad world and sometimes bad people with good abilities can block/DOS/DDOS whats why you can use failover stratum

right now wij have to stratums (send us more donations wij will get more):

6. My workers displaying same speed and are not active why?

wij are on high hashate righ now when and out optimized system is turning off all stats…instead of crash ?? so right now all stats are turned off

7. My account wasgoed hacked someony by hand payout my money and switched my payout adress what can i do?

– Very first of all you need to do is to switch your password asap

– dont mine on other pools…. ….with same password/login and pins

– dont use suspicious applications & crappy coin windows wallet ect

8. Are you guys DDOS protected?

Ten.Sometims mine/pool is not displaying global pool speed why?

When wij find block wij need to make make payments for all mining user it take many resorces thats why pool hashrate is turned off….when payout are sends….wij will vertoning you pool speed…

11. Do you guys use SSL/https?

12. Chrome shows that SSL is not trusted can i still login

Older versions/mobile one…is displaying that SSL is not trused…it is!

(yes no 13 i just dont like it)

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