Crypto Trades Scam Review: Most Dangerous Crypto App

Crypto Trades Scam Review: Most Dangerous Crypto App

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018 @ 9:32 am

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Crypto Trades is not a real solution for your trading. If you had believed this nonsense, you better zekering on your tracks and read our thoughts and opinions concerning Crypto Trades software.

This review does not contain mere thoughts and opinion. Thesis are assertions that are backed by facts and evidence.

Wij are fully aware of the fact that Crypto Trades is yet another under-performing software for trading Cryptocurrencies.

On the webpagina of this software, they tell us that the program wasgoed developed te such a way that it can make quick and effortless profits due to the high volatility of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

But there is obviously something wrong with this presentation. So ter this detailed analysis of the Crypto Trades software, wij will mention critical things that you need to be ware of before you can spend your money on a bogus trading program.

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Wij can say 100% certainty that Crypto Trades software by Bruce M. Hawkins is the latest scam operation proclaiming that it can help you make money with Bitcoin fully on auto-pilot.

Such programs have infiltrated the market right now. They scam traders without mercy, and this one is no exception.

The reason why wij are calling it a scam is because there is no indication at all that this software is legitimate. Te fact, the presenter has done nothing to explain the operational process of capabilities of this trading system.

The so-called ”Crypto Code Group” are introduced spil people who have come together with the aim of making overnight wealth by trading Cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoins.

Even the webstek says that if you join now, you will make 999% profit ter no time, thanks to the technical solution which they are now suggesting for free.

The problem with this statement is that it sounds like the usual vibe which wij encounter te many scam websites thesis days. This group is allegedly special, yet everyone is being given the chance to join them. That is not a clever way of deceiving people. Wij’ve never bot persuaded that an sensational group is so effortless to join, and neither should you be.

Bruce M. Hawkins proceeds to give us his fake background story of how he began this project. He attempts to pretend that he is a technical genius who can develop programs that execute trades with almost 100% accuracy.

He gives us his fake story and wij feel that everything about this explanation is vague, especially when he claims that he wasgoed a senior back-end developer.

Is there such a thing spil ”senior back-end developer”. Wij wonder. What is even more suspicious is that Mr. Bruce is not willing to disclose the precies name of the rock-hard where he worked for. Isn’t he proud of his professional profile? If that is the case, then wij don’t see why he should have a problem disclosing which firms he has worked for, right?

The rascal goes ahead to quote an abnormal figure which he claims his software has made ter the past 6 months. To be precies, he claims that Crypto Trades has made $Legitimate,557,931.77.

Wij cannot prove thesis numbers because no verifiable statistics were introduced to help us proof that indeed those figures are accurate.

But why exactly is Mr. Bruce not working with facts but mere allegations? Ask yourself why someone would create a very profitable software that makes all the money ter the world yet they don’t even have the gegevens to help with the verification of those figures.

Wij find it very suspicious. The more wij attempt to learn about him, the more wij feel that Crypt Trades is a scam because the story behind it doesn’t add up.

He even tells us that Crypto Trades has bot channeling millions of dollars quicker than those who rapid invested te corporations like Facebook, Uber and other stocks.

It’s just amazing how allegations keep flying around on this webstek. By the way, the domain is hosted at

The other thing that wij want you to take note of is the mention of The Crypto Code Group. That name sounds like the name of another scam software. Whether it’s a scam or not, what is the correlation inbetween Crypto Trades and the Crypto Code Group?

Unluckily, that’s a question that this webstek cannot response. Perhaps it wasgoed an error. Thesis days scams just copy-paste materials from existing Bitcoin trading scam websites. It’s not a secret anymore. So this one is also one of those shady sites that do the copy-pasting without going through their webpagina to juist any mistakes that may have occurred.

Is Mr Bruce real or just a mere character?

Last but not least, Mr. Bruce does not seem to be a real person. Instead, evidence suggests that he is a character who wasgoed used to mask the real crook who runs this webstek.

Mr. Bruce is represented with a stock photo. He does note exist anywhere. That makes his stories a big lie. He is just there to tell lies and make you believe that the Crypto Trades software is the real overeenkomst. Never believe stock photos or imaginary characters created out of lean air. The truth of the matter is that the possessor of this webstek is downright anonymous spil their gegevens is privately registered.

You cannot trust an anonymous person who claims that they have the magic to making millions.

Fake testimonials, fake members

The truth of the matter is that the Crypto Trades software does not have any real members. What you’re eyeing on this webstek are nothing but fake testimonials backed by stock photos.

You can see that thesis testimonials are all gravitating towards the same story, even creating monotony because they all rechtsvordering the same thing. No one can believe this crap especially if it’s very evident that the testimonials were written by the proprietor of this webpagina and not the alleged users.

The same thing applies to the stock photos which they’ve used to give the impression that their members are making lots of money and are glad with their trading practice, thanks to the Crypto Trades software.

Wij would want to believe that a few people have already lost money to this scam. Those investors are bitter and cannot write any positive thing about this webstek. You can be sure that their terugkoppeling will never be published te a scam webpagina like this one.

But of course you’ll find them te popular Cryptocurrency trading forums.

Since the Crypto Trades software is so fresh, you don’t expect to see any terugkoppeling yet. However, spil they proceed to scam individuals, soon those complaints will emerge. It will be clear that this software is just a scam like any other.

Our best advice for you

You cannot amass wealth with a shady Crypto Trading software like this one. That is just a pipe desire. Ter fact, no one is making any wealth with a scam software. You cannot make a fortune from minutes of work everyday. That is also another pipe wish which you should zekering thinking about.

If you truly want to make money te a realistic way, wij suggest that you sign up with thesis trading robots instead. Wij need realistic goals, right?

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