Mining Pool Review – Comparison! Jan 2018 – Huis Cryptocurrency Mining

1st day of the fresh year and what better way to commence the year then a mining pool comparison? The Holiday period for coin trading has seen a druppel te coin values so spil miners wij need to be making spil much coin spil possible from our equipments. Lets find out what pool will do that for us…….

NiceHash – Recently back from a $63Million Hacking disaster, lets see if they are still spil good spil they say

Mining Dutch – My Pool of choice since NiceHash went off line and has a fine selection of coins to be paid te

ProHashing – Another of my pools of choice but troubled by onveranderlijk down time, lets see how they do this time

I wasgoed going to use Granatgas-pool spil the 4th Pool but they are having kwestie right now and only X11 seems to be online….. so

ZPOOL – ZPool will be the 4th pool. This is the very first time I have used this pool and it would seem they have a similar setup spil GranatGas te the way of interface, lets hope the back end is a bit better.

The wedren has began today 01/01/2018 at 22:00 GMT on all Four of the selected pools! Who is going to be very first, Postbode below who you think will win

For the setup I will be using 504Mh/s of Scrypt mining ter the form of 1x L3+ Antminers from Bitmain on each pool, Four miners te total.

  • All miners will be using the /#xnsub tag on the web URL
  • Each pools pay-out will be set to BTC only (preferred payment method by NiceHash and ZPOOL)
  • Down time is also included te the calculation and will reflect te reliability rating
  • Each pool will have its own BTC payment address ter my wallet so payments can lightly be tracked
  • Mining accounts/addresses will be used for this test only and kept secret so there can be no manipulations
  • I will be counting only the BTC amount not the FIAT values
  • The pools recommended difficulty will be used by all miners
  • BTC for each pool will be recorded at 22:00 GMT each day
  • After the very first pool reaches 0.01 BTC mining will zekering on that pool but others will be permitted to accomplish. 48Hours will be given for immature coins to be finished and exchange

The Pools recommended settings spil vanaf there help pages wasgoed used. ZPOOL suggested an odd value for the diff but that what they asked for so I used it.

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