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is an advanced Big Gegevens and AI analytics toneelpodium for cryptocurrencies.

It provides you with tracking portfolios, alerts, advanced technical analysis, trading signals, pricing gegevens, charts, social media analytics, sentiment analytics, voorstelling measurement, ICO analytics and other instruments for hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

BittsAnalytics is trusted by many individual investors spil well spil many cryptocurrency hedge funds.

Special Opoffering Waakzaam: On or before 31th March wij will launch a major product spil part of BittsAnalytics, ICO analytics for 600+ ICOs. Existing premium subscribers or those who subscribe to current premium BittsAnalytics (covering coins already quoted on exchanges) prior to launch of ICO Analytics will get it at no toegevoegd charge. For zometeen subscribers it will cost the same spil current premium .

Examples of using BittsAnalytics

Social media sentiment spil trading signals
Warning market indicators
Relative value strategies
Historical Simulation
Risk Management
Dynamic allocation

Turn our cutting edge gegevens and contraptions into your profits

Read a selection of past examples of using our advanced gegevens and analytics devices for cryptocurrency trading:

Wij believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will become a fundamental part of our societies. For investors ter the cryptocurrencies there is however a lack of sophisticated solutions which would help them with their investments and which some of them are acquainted to te the traditional finance. The need for such software is already enlargening with the emergence of crypto funds management and with institutional investors coming in this sector. Wij determined to develop such a solution, BittsAnalytics, spil wij believe wij are uniquely placed to do so on the onderstel of our years of practice ter traditional finance and vast practice ter development of enterprise software solutions te all areas of asset management.

Delivering the most sophisticated implements from traditional finance to the world of Crypto Asset Management.

BittsAnalytics is based on a broad set of software solutions developed by our company Alpha Quantum and used on billions USD of assets by large and regulated financial institutions.

  • Personalized Portfolios
  • Cryptocurrency Sentiment and Mentions Analytics
  • Interactive Charting
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms applied on pricing and news gegevens
  • Alerts based on pricing, volume and sentiment gegevens
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Spectacle measurement
  • Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis
  • Digital Aisistant AiDA
  • Risk Management

Price runs often embark with social media rente and you can detect such surges of rente ahead of others if you use BittsAnalytics. Wij track tweets mentions of 200+ cryptocurrencies te real-time.

Have better information than others.

Prices of cryptocurrencies are often driven by sentiment. If you subscribe to BittsAnalytics you can see sentiment surges and other switches for 200+ cryptocurrencies.

Would it not be good if you could just click on a time point te chart and instantly get themes and topics discussed at that time. For almost any cryptocurrency.

With BittsAnalytics you can lightly compare hundreds of cryptocurrencies te terms of comes back, sentiment, social media mentions, trading volume, volatility and other quantities.

Have better gegevens than others for better insights.

Are you active ter ICO market and would like to know the current sentiment, whirr about it or what are the greatest ICOs discussed just now.

Our digital assistant supplies you detailed and insightful analytical reports on almost any significant cryptocurrency. Have better implements for better comebacks.

Cryptocurrency prices are importantly driven by the sentiment and hype about them. By subscribing to BittsAnalytics you can lightly access sentiment gegevens for almost any cryptocurrency te real-time and for the latest past. Wij also provide you with powerful analytical contraptions so you can lightly get significant insights from our sentiment gegevens. For examples of how real-time sentiment can serve spil trading signals (what wij call “BittsSignals”) please visit our blog posts about BittsSignals.

Wij are using machine learning to calculate sentiment of millions of social media posts and aggregate sentiment gegevens on hourly and daily onderstel for individual cryptocurrencies.

Wij have built an advanced system for automated detection of chart patterns and integrated it ter our toneelpodium. If you do not want to lose your time each day looking for fresh chart patterns on hundreds of cryptocurrencies but want to have it available each day automatically then BittsAnalytics toneelpodium is the right solution for you. For patterns wij will also provide you with advanced statistics such spil risk prize ratios.

Wij are using machine learning to automatically detect ingewikkeld chart patterns. Subscribe to our podium and let us do the chart patterns searching for you.

Cryptocurrency prices are also driven by the hype and number of social media mentions about them. Often it is very worthwile to know which cryptocurrencies are the main talk of the crypto world or which are experiencing a unexpected surge ter rente. You can get this information within our BittsAnalytics.

Wij are calculating number of mentions for 200+ key cryptocurrencies ter social media to find surges ter rente spil well spil produce historical comparisons and analysis.

Bitts Rankings

Mentions ter Social Media Posts

Analysis of Whirr

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Wij have built an advanced system for assessing potential bands of resistance using deep learning applied on a vast amount of gegevens wij have at our disposition – pricing, trading, social media analytics and news gegevens. Advanced bands analytics is integrated te our verhoging helping you analyze possible price movements te different bands. Bands can be a valuable contraption of analysis what may toebijten if the price moves to a certain level. E.g. with price injecting feeble resistance it may rapidly increase or decrease depending on direction.

Wij are using deep learning on a vast and unique sets of gegevens to assess potential bands of resistance te prices and help you ter estimating possible price paths.

Get warning signals on excessive optimism te markets

Downturns or crashes have bot a onveranderlijk companion of cryptocurrencies markets since their inception. BittsAnalytics provides its users with market indicators which can serve spil warning signals. Read about our Market Sentiment Indicator which warned us at the highs spil well spil before the latest downturn te our blog postbode: read more.

Get warning signals on excessive optimism te markets

Downturns or crashes have bot a onveranderlijk companion of cryptocurrencies markets since their inception. BittsAnalytics provides its users with market indicators which can serve spil warning signals. Read about our Market Sentiment Indicator which warned us at the highs spil well spil before the latest downturn ter our blog postbode: read more.

With everzwijn enhancing number of cryptocurrrencies it is increasingly hard to keep track of what is going on with them. Wij are generating tagclouds and themes with similarity for cryptocurrencies to permit our users to keep up with their cryptocurrencies more lightly. Wij generate tagclouds and similar topics on daily and also on hourly ondergrond. For an example of using tagclouds and NLP analysis for better cryptocurrency trading, please read our blog postbode here.

Get themes discussed with just a click on the chart

Ter the volatile world of cryptocurrencies one often sees a unexpected surge te price or a large crash and would like to instantly know what are topics or themes that are presently discussed about this cryptocurrency without having to go on a time-consuming search of many posts te news or social media. Sometimes a rapid access to such information can save you a loterijlot of money. For examples of how you can interactively access tagclouds and themes please visit our blog posts on this topic.

BittsAnalytics users can do precisely that by just clicking on a point te price, sentiment and other charts and instantly get themes discussed at just that hour or day for almost any significant cryptocurrency.

main Cryptocurrencies

Sentiment and other gegevens points generated (vanaf month)

combinations of social media posts – cryptocurrencies analysed (vanaf month)


Cautiously Customized Libraries

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies and many gegevens about them (comes back, volatily, sentiment, trading volume among others) one sometimes wishes to have combined numbers to lightly compare all cryptocurrencies. Wij have come up with such numbers, Bitts Ranks to accomplish just that and permit you lighter coin analysis. They are based on combined Z-Score which indeed means that it is an average of how much each cryptocurrency is above or below an average for each category such spil comes back, sentiment, dilution etc. Wij presently calculate three types of Bitts Ranks – for momentum, sentiment and hum and project to add extra ones e.g. fundamental.

Wij want to use Bitts Ranks to bring more transparency to the crypto world. By using BittsAnalytics you can lightly see which cryptocurrencies are top te categories of momentum, sentiment, whirr and others.

BittsAnalytics provides its users with a diverse set of metrics and indicators for a better assessment of their portfolio spectacle. Voorstelling is evaluated both on absolute and relative fundament (with respect to our indices). Indicators include Sharpe ratio, Excess come back, Sortino, Information ratio and many others.

Risk Management is the cornerstone of portfolio management and BittsAnalytics permits its users to sophistically measure and understand the risks te their portfolios. Risk is measured with volatility, Value at Risk (VaR), CVaR, Maximum drawdown, Downside deviation and many other metrics. Risk attribution is used for inferring risk contributions of individual cryptocurrencies to the portfolio total VaR, taking into account correlations and differing volatilities. For evaluation of influence that extreme scripts can exert on portfolio value one can perform stress testing or Monte Carlo simulations.

Wij are building an artificially slim digital assistant – AiDA for the world of cryptocurrencies. AiDA is presently providing users of BittsAnalytics with summarised reports of cryptocurrencies. It is continuosly learning using deep learning on a large amount of big gegevens that wij are analysing and generating.

AiDA will soon be able to tell more about thesis interesting insights and interact with you. More information about origins of AiDA and its future plans is available here.

Alerts are an efficient device te working with very dynamic assets such spil cryptocurrencies. It is possible to define many different types of alerts, based on price, sentiment and volume switches. One set of alerts also includes those generated by our artificial intelligence algorithms which are continously learning from our news, pricing and other gegevens.

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A loterijlot of us are interested ter how to make money with ICOs. And there are a lotsbestemming of interesting questions that can be asked about the ICO market that could help us te this quest. Which ICOs are presently the most talked about ter the social media? What is the hum right now compared to August? How many days did it take for the sentinent to recover after China kerkban news? Answers to thesis and many other interesting questions can help with making money te ICOs and they can be found with BittsAnalytics.

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