Vircurex, Exchange and Trading Verhoging for Crypto Currencies such spil Bitcoin Litecoin Namecoin and many more

Mailing list

Wij have a mailing list for all those who want to get informed ter advance by email ter case of switches to the API. Send an email to [email protected] to request to be added to the list.

API Server

Please do not make API calls against, this will be discontinued from February 2014 onwards.

Returned formats


You will need to append .xml or .json respectively to define the format you want returned.

Supported currencies


  • will come back a summary for all currencies te XML format
  • will terugwedstrijd the highest bid (buy price) te NMC for 1 BTC ter JSON format

The trade API provides functions that permit to perform trading activities.


Activating the API

The trading API needs to be activated before it can be used. The API accesses your account information and permits to create and execute orders, hence all connections are via HTTPS only. Te addition, you need to specify a security word for each of the API functions. The trading API is activated te your user profile.

List of API functions

Note: the security word of this function is the security word from function “get_balance”.

Values for ordertype: BUY, SELL

Values for ordertype: BUY, SELL

Note: take note that the function name used to calculate the token is create_order and not create_released_order

Significant: The input orderid is NOT the same spil the output orderid, you voorwaarde use the output orderID for further API calls pertaining to an order. Tho’ the two numbers might be identical, they are independent, unreleased order IDs are not the same spil the released order IDs

Notes on the parameters:

  • Timestamp format: Make sure you have the juist Timezone settings and your timestamp goes after the format 2014-01-04T14:00:00 which is omschrijving to January 4th, 2014, Two:00 PM. Be sure to use an uppercase letterteken “T” to separate the date and time and not a space (” “).
  • The sequence of the parameters is irrelevant. The sequence when putting together the token is crucial.
  • YourUserName: Provide your login name, not your eMail address. The value is case sensitive.
  • Securityword: The security word you have entered for the respective API call ter your user settings. The value is case sensitive.
  • Ordertype: values are SELL or BUY
  • currency: Use the currency brief forms, e.g. USD, BTC, NMC, etc.
  • Prices and quantities: Use . spil a decimal seperator. Do not use thousands separator
  • Otype: Set otype=0 for unreleased orders, otype=1 for released orders

Bijzonder from the parameters listed on the table above, the following four parameters vereiste always be supplied:

Calculation of the Token

Here an examples (te Ruby) for creating an order:

http = Nipt::HTTP.fresh(, ‘443’)

http.commence do |http|

Error codes

The functions come back status with a status code 0 if no error occurred, otherwise the following list gives details on the returned status code. If status is not equal 0 then statustext will terugwedstrijd a long text with further details.

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