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This project are DEPRECATED

After losing some money on Bitcoin exchanges, I determined to develop my own Trading bot/helper. This bot acts with pre-defined parameters based on statistics/strategies and not with the emotion of the ogenblik, so it’s much lighter to perform trading operations.

HAL10K is a Bitcoin trading/helper bot written ter PHP (open source). It wasgoed developed to be used on the API MtGox, but can be lightly adapted to other exchanges. Their decisions are based on customizable parameters and trading technics for market analysis. It also works ter semi-automatic mode, ter which each loss(stop-loss) asks via Twitter for remote confirmation of a bot technicus. Besides the “Live Trading” so it also runs simulations “Backtesting/Paper trading” using “Fake Balance” and historical raw gegevens from All bot deeds(buying/selling) and alerts(high volume detected) are notified via Twitter. Loom results is accompanied by HTTP Control panel where the bot displays its own spectacle chart panel.

HAL10K wasgoed developed “from scrape”, without taking fundament of existing algorithms/trading mechanisms. This project is a learning exercise on Trading/Economics for mij, when commenced this project my practice wasgoed limited ter programming and Bitcoin. Yes, I’m already getting real profits with this trading bot, and the idea of ??Open Source assumed that sharing practices, together wij can greatly improve the algorithm and achieve even greater profits.

Please, do not go to the Live trading before mastering the paper trading. The author of this project and its contributors are not responsible for any losses.

Package details

  • package: HAL10K
  • version: Two.Two
  • category: bitcoin
  • author: intrd –
  • verbinding:
  • see:
  • copyright: 2013 intrd
  • license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Four.0 International License –

WEB Control panel & console

Live statistics, “Unexpected” and “Death mode” remote control.

Backtesting sample

Trading bot EMA Brief/Long Crossover based

Volmaakt for high frequency trading, better than elementary trading method

Twitter notifications sample

Bot notifying your technicus a large volume that just happened,

Bot requesting help on Stop-Loss decision,

Bot informing a purchase(loss) made ??embarking from a Unexpected Mode remote directive, Buying 1.03BTC when the value of btc/usd wasgoed at 830USD.

Main features & configs

  • Exchanges
  • MTGox API (MTGox app gegevens. If you do not have access to the API gox, visit: and create your key (with read/write)),
  • Text result logs
  • Audible beeps when running transactions (differentiated for profits/losses)
  • Trading parameters
    • updiff – (sell) points profit (te USD) above the purchase price,
    • updiffinv – (sell) zekering loss (te USD) below the purchase price,
    • downdiff – (buy) points profit (ter USD) below the selling price,
    • downdiffinv – (buy) zekering loss (te USD) above the selling price,
    • percentual – Ondergrens percentage of profit on the purchase (Use the current toverfee applied by MtGox),
    • secureticker – Security value that prevents the bot to make sales below a certain value,
    • emacross – Turn on EMA crossover method (if emacross=true, Elementary Market Direction Method automatically is turned off),
    • emaShort – EMA brief period(te seconds) for EMA crossover method,
    • emaLong – EMA long period(te seconds) for EMA crossover method,
    • emaDiff – EMA difference inbetween brief and long crossover,
    • lasttwoorders – Base next budge on the last two transactions value,
    • interval – Bot loop interval (ter seconds),
    • timeout – Timeout ter seconds for completion of the bid/ask,
    • suddenmode – When active, the bot makes a purchase at the sale price, or a sale at the purchase price. Used only when there is a need for instant order processing. It will be disabled after the order is processed, (ATTENTION)
    • reverseprices – Same spil Unexpected, but definite. It will never turned off, (ATTENTION)
    • manualstoploss – When active, ter every act stop-loss requests remote confirmation of the bot technicus, (ATTENTION)
    • dire – Amount of past intervals used te the identification of market direction,
    • direlimbo – Ondergrens variation (ter USD) to define whether the direction is out of limbo or not (limbo: when the bot still attempting to set the direction of the market),
    • vol_limbo – Ondergrens volume (te USD) to consider an abnormal switch at the volume of an interval to another,
    • Backtesting
      • fake – Turns on/off simulation (backtesting), (ATTENTION)
      • paper – Paper trading is simulation with Real Live Tickers but w/ fake money balance. (If Paper trading is true, $fake needs to be defined to “true”)
      • fakebtcbalance – Initial amount of BTC for the simulation,
      • fakebtcusdbuyedprice – Initial purchase price of BTC fake balance,
      • fakedatetimeoffirstbid – //Initial datetime (same spil very first line of fakegoxtickers opstopping below),
      • fakegoxtickers – Access, set the period (vereiste be a period that supports interval 1min), click Raw Gegevens, copy/paste the contents of the table te a TXT opstopping and substitutes tabulations by “,” comma),
      • Notificacoes via Twitter
        • enabletweet – Enable/disable Twitter notifications,
        • twitteroauth – Gegevens to access the Twitter API, if you do not have, go to: and create your key w/ read/write permission access,
        • twitter_users – Twitter @users to be notified,
        • Bedachtzaam bot technicus on high volumes,
        • Graphic WEB interface
          • Graphic results loom (period, last activity, asks/bids),
          • HTTP control panel
            • Unexpected mode (Activates unexpected mode instantaneously, password is the two digit minute of the datetime displayed ter the header above the chart, eg: “01” for datetime: 2013-12-30 04:01:Legal. It wasgoed done this way to prevent you run sudden-mode twice accidentally on a refresh pagina),
            • Death mode (Freeze the bot temporarily. The Password is “meuovo123654”, can be switched ter the opstopping: makesudden.php)
            • The bot needs at least one bid and ask to generate the graphic chart correctly. MtGox need at least 0.02BTC to process a transaction.

              Installing: 1click-to-run (effortless)

              • Download here: w/ apache+php pre-configured, just run the: starthal10k.bat

              Installing: manual (advanced)

              Vereiste be configured ter configs.php and commenced on hal10k.bat (recall to edit hal10k.bat to onberispelijk default path: C:\webserver\www\hal10k)

              This project wasgoed developed ter the environment described below, so please attempt to use a similar configuration:

              • XAMPP version 1.7.7 (not included ter the project) * Apache Two.Two.21 (running spil service to avoid strange problems ter pChart lib)

              * PHP Five.Three.8 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + Pear gag

            • Libs utilizadas (included te the project) * pChart Two.1.Trio for graphics generation,
            • * tmhOAuth for Twitter notifications,


              • Add EUR
              • Fake USD/EUR balance
              • Implement Vircurex, BTC-e and Bitstamp API
              • Create a version of .bat Windows looping opstopping for Linux using Shell script+crontab
              • Wagen fetch BitcoinCharts API gegevens


              • v2.Four beta 1 (not at stable public release yet)
              • php builtin webserver instead apache
              • added pivots(support & resistance) analysis
              • added MACD analysis
              • JS Graphic chart Client Side rendering
              • Now fetching past history gegevens before beginning bot (works on backtests, live & paper)
            • v2.Three beta 1 (not at stable public release yet)
              • Immobilized critical error at Market Direction decision (always returning Mamma, not EMA)
              • v2.Two beta 1
                • Built-in apache+php pre-configured (1-click-to-run version for Windows)
                • Some EMA improvements
                • Better graphic chart
                • Massive bug fixes
                • v2.1 beta Two
                  • Fresh trading mechanism implemented: EMA brief/long crossover
                  • Paper trading: Differs to Backtesting, its a simulation with Live Tickers but w/ fake money balance.
                  • Improvements ter Clear Loom opstopping
                  • Improvements te en_US translation
                  • Improvements te Twitter oauth conf
                  • v1.0 beta Two
                    • Very first public version
                    • HAL10K Bitcoin trading bot (CC) copyleft – @intrd (Danilo Salles) &#x63,&#111,&#x6e,&#x74,&#97,&#x63,&#x74,&#x40,&#x64,&#97,&#x6e,&#x6e,&#46,&#99,&#x6f,&#109,.&#x62,&#x72, HAL10K is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License Two, spil published by the Free Software Foundation.

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