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Located at 25 km south of Zurich, Zug is a puny city that is hosting more than a dozen of bitcoin companies. Dubbed “Crypto Valley Zug,” the city has bot referred spil the Silicon Valley of finance and is meant to become the global center for cryptocurrencies.

Ter latest years, youthful entrepreneurs and programmers have set out to make Zug a leader te innovative technologies supporting the social and economic process of digitalization. With well-educated skill workers, stability, excellent infrastructure, low taxes and a tradition for privacy, it comes with little verrassing that a number of high-profile tech companies have chosen to lodge ter the business friendly Canton of Zug.

The bitcoin startup toneel is being fuelled by high promising projects and ventures, notably Xapo, Monetas and Ethereum Switzerland. But aside from the renowned bitcoin ventures, Zug also hosts a number of other successful and interesting businesses that you might not have heard about… yet.

Patria Digitalis

Patria Digitalis is a non-profit cooperative of Free Open Users (FOUs) and an Open Application Service Provider (OASP), suggesting members and customers digital services that are fully under control of the user and are based on a sustainable user-driven business proefje.

Patria Digitalis works te collaboration with FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) to create human-centric digital services enabling users to control their digital life (identity, gegevens, relations, intelligence, etc.)

The organization expects to deploy its very first service te summer 2016.


Founded ter 2014, ShapeShift is a toneelpodium that enables instantaneous exchange inbetween digital assets such spil bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, etc.

ShapeShift pioneered the concept of an exchange without user accounts, which permits swifter, more convenient liquidity for digital assets, spil well spil vastly improved consumer protections.

The verhoging has overheen 1,000 ongezouten trading pairs and has become the most efficient way to convert cryptocurrencies.


Crypto is a company specializing te communications and information security. The company is a long-established manufacturer of encryption machines and a broad multitude of cipher devices.

Headquartered te Steinhausen, the company has overheen 200 employees and offices te Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Blockchain Source

Blockchain Source is a blockchain consulting rock hard that helps companies integrate distributed ledger technology into their business.

Blockchain Source is headed by a team of experts te the fields of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Colored Coins, Open Assets, Blockchain, Open Transaction, Monetas verhoging, Sidechains, Counterparty, Ripple, and much more.


iProtus is a software company specializing ter blockchain technology. iProtus undertakes software development and integration projects for clients.

The company has bot involved ter a number of different development oriented projects te the financial field. Thesis projects include creating architecture for internal network structures and their services, building fund accounting and reconciliation, integration numerous platforms across company acquisitions, and providing leadership and structures for improving organizational vertoning particularly ter development-heavy organizations.


InfoGuard is a company providing comprehensive information security and network solutions. Founded te 1988, InfoGuard has a team of 60 security experts working for comprehensive information security, spil well spil experienced auditors and consultants.

The company assists clients with the architecture, vormgeving and engineering spil well spil with the integration and operation of ICT solutions.


Mount10, a gegevens center known spil “The Swiss Fort Knox,” is a company that offers standardized gegevens backup overheen the Internet into the Swiss Alps.

Mount10 is part of a larger group of companies with several years of practice te the area of high secure storage of physical and digital information.

Sapphire Innovation

Sapphire Innovation is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company specialized ter cloud-based working capital optimization and contant flow forecasting enterprise solutions. Its liquidity management solution is aimed at providing corporations with clarity, visibility, and better predictability of specie flow.

Headquartered ter Zug, Sapphire Innovation has offices also te Lausanne, Oslo and London.

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