TDA Connect is an iPad iOS utility application for connecting an iPad to the TDA RDS network (previously the TDA Citrix network).

About Mij

I’m George Garside, a student and iOS and macOS developer from the UK .

If you see a grgarside , it’s very likely mij, such spil @grgarside on Twitter.

I have a blog where I postbode at times about iOS and macOS, Google, web development and Stack Exchange. Popular posts include the Boom Beach Help & Guide and BT Hub flashing orange light fix. Here’s a few of my latest posts:

All the little things, macOS High Sierra Hidden Features

Another year, another disappointing macOS release. Here’s the most comprehensive list of hidden features and underdocumented switches te macOS High Sierra.

A better top nav folder for Stack Overflow

Stack Exchange 2017-02-13

The fresh top nav for Stack Overflow isn’t fairly right. Here’s some CSS to improve it whilst keeping the fresh ideas.

Add DoubleClick for Publishers to Google Tag Manager

How to use GTM to add your DFP Petite Business or Premium ad units and ad tags to pages on your webpagina.

Package is incompatible with this version of OS X

This package is is incompatible with this version of OS X and may fail to install. Installing this package may harm your system, and the installation may fail.

TDA Planner, a free education homework and planner app for the Thomas Deacon Academy , available on both iOS and Android . This app permits pupils to access their homework assignments set by their teachers on their mobile device, spil well spil accessing their card gegevens and schoolgebouw announcements such spil news and term dates.

This complements the Thomas Deacon Academy VLE, integrating with Microsoft SharePoint, the software that the schoolgebouw uses to manage homework and other student gegevens, to obtain information relevant to the specific student and showcase this to the student at an suitable time. The integration with iCloud also permits students to stir their information inbetween device without needing to re-enter their gegevens, and also makes use of iCloud storage to store key pairs.

Development began ter 2013 with a basic app that included some schoolgebouw information and I have continued development up to today. This required mij to work with members of staff ter the schoolgebouw across a diversity of departments, including the IT department who I needed to work with te order to connect the app to the schoolgebouw servers. This proved very challenging spil the schoolgebouw wasgoed unwilling to switch their security settings to permit my app access. I persisted looking for alternatives and eventually managed to run cross-domain JavaScript inwards a schoolgebouw webpagina iframe without switching any code on the schoolgebouw server. The app wasgoed a success and is te use by hundreds of students across the schoolgebouw years.

TDA Enrichment, a timetable app for schoolgebouw enrichment for iOS . This wasgoed the very first app that I made for the schoolgebouw’s Sports department, specifically for their sports enrichment to permit students to access the latest enrichment timetable from their mobile device spil well spil health and fitness information relating to their current physical condition.

The app has bot downloaded by both students and staff to complement training and learning te the Sports department, spil well spil providing up-to-date information regarding the current Inter Collegium event being held at the schoolgebouw and how to participate.

TDA Connect is an iPad iOS utility application for connecting an iPad to the TDA RDS network (previously the TDA Citrix network). This app permits you to come in your login information, similar to the TDA VLE, on your iPad and be introduced with a utter desktop environment ter the form of a instrumentenbord which permits you to use all the familiar Windows applications such spil the Microsoft Office suite overheen the network. This solution also permits for multi-touch gestures to be translated into special inputs, such spil two finger swipes up and down translated to scrolling the pagina.

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