If you want to share more information about litecoin you can send them listig to official litecoin wesite.

Litecoin Invites is a brand fresh and one of a kleintje project that gives users Litecoin just for inviting other people or friends to join our webstek! Earn up to 0.05 LTC for 1 invited user which equals to about 12 USD or Ten EUR

Inject Your Litecoin Wallet Address and Commence Inviting Now

Cloud Hosted Project

Our project is hosted on cloud servers which ensures almost 99.99% uptime. This way wij also can assure our service security and all your entered gegevens like litecoin wallet address will be safe. Also it speed up loading time of webstek so you can get your free litecoin even swifter.

High Class Security

Very first wij don’t collect our users gegevens and it is used only for the time of period until users ask for litecoin withdrawal. Wij identify our users by cookies with included litecoin wallet address. This way wij know where exactly to send your earned LTC. Also for the wallet wij recommend using coinbase spil it also has state of the kunst security and can protect your crypto currency.

Fully Free Service

Wij aren’t collecting any crypto related fees! This means if you have earned 0.05 LTC wij will send you 0.05 Litecoins with no withdrawal fees.. Our project presently using promotions methods which let us still be profitable so wij will attempt to keep our project free for a lifetime.

Project Statistics

Users Comments


Litecoin is the solution to switch paper money don’t miss a chance to earn free LTC!

Why people should use Litecoin Invites?

Very first question would be if you everzwijn spotted any webstek which gives you litecoins only for inviting other people to join a webstek? Wij are sure that there is nothing out there like our project. Also regarding litecoin did you know that it is one of the oldest and crypto currencies and have a hefty potencial to substitute paper money? Check out article about fresh amazing feature – LitePay.

Considering massive Litecoin potencial you consider investing ter Litecoins future and getting free crypto on our webstek.

How much litecoin i can earn ter 1 day? Do i get paid te LTC too?

This only depends on you and your abilities. For example you can make a thread on a big forum or make a facebook postbode and more people will see your postbode and participate more ltc you can earn. If you want to share more information about litecoin you can send them listig to official litecoin wesite. Also wij want to remind our users that for 1 invited people to our webstek you will receive 0.05 free ltc and to withdraw you need to have Five invited people. Then you will be able to withdraw litecoin to the wallet.

2018 Amazing Promotion!

Presently spil wij just launched wij are running special promo where you can earn spil much spil 0.25 LTC te Five minutes just by sharing your listig on twitter, facebook, youtube and other websites.. Wij calculated that thesis results can be achieved if you have at least 20 friends on facebook or other platforms because our explore shows that 1 ter Four people would use crypto currency if the price of it would be low or if they get it for free. This special promotion won’t last long spil litecoin prices enlargening almost every day and wij have a limited supply to share.

What about that 20% verzekeringspremie before withdrawal?

Wij give webstek users a chance to get 20% more of litecoin to your total earnings. All you have to do is before withdrawal to use one of the buttons to share your individual verbinding on social networks. After that 20% premie will be added to your total earned ltc.

When you want to withdraw litecoin you will see that you have to accomplish verification. Thesis offers made by our sponsors ensures that you are human plus it gives use sponsors promotion area. Sponsors provide us litecoin which wij will give to our users. Without them wij won’t have anything to give to our users. Thesis offers can vary and most popular is that you have to install sponsored app on your phone. This way you just use 1 minute of your time to get a loterijlot of ltc. For disclaimer 99% of this litecoin goes straight back to our wallet to pay for our users and 1% goes to pay for our project hosting and staff salary. Wij are hoping you understand and support us.

Common problems with verification

If you have any questions regarding withdrawal please very first check thesis common solutions:

Adblock software can block certain features so you have to check if you are using adblock software. If yes attempt to disable it.

Problems with adblock and our webstek is that certain elements could not be displayed. For example some scripts related to verification and withdrawal processes redirected through third party and adblock software can block your litecoin withdrawal.

Issues With Browsers

You voorwaarde always use newest version of your browser to ensure that our project is displayed correctly on rekentuig and mobile phone. This punt occurs because most of newest websites use html Five protocal which old browsers doesn’t support.

Webstek Support and Contacts

If you have any questions related to litecoin invites project please voeling us via our voeling form.


Most plain way to get into crypto

Had a big verrassing that earning crypto like litecoin could be so effortless. I just setuped wallet on coinbase got reserve $Ten through their listig and invited few friends and got 0.1 litecoin. Thank you!

Amazing team behind this project

I had a pleasure to meet this team personally and can say i wasgoed astonished how good team they have. Developers worked for some superb companies and they will expand this project to massive adoption of crypto.

Thanks i got my very first crypto – Litecoin!

Support team helped mij to get my 2nd crypto besides bitcoin and i’m glad for that. Litepay will have a bright future and thank your for bringing litecoin to the masses.

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