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I want to commence from how I?ve found this awesome webstek and community. Well I wasgoed invited by a member trough discord and I checked everything there, they have useful channels on the CryptoCities server and this server is very active. You can have some joy there and a loterijlot more. I get to this excellent webstek zometeen: https://cryptocities.televisiekanaal/

CryptoCities provides an innovative way where gamers and crypto investors come together. This is one of the very first and best crypto spel platforms that support Ethereum.

Everything on CryptoCities have to be with locations, points, and features.

Every premium location is snatchable and anyone can buy this location from you, When you buy this location it’s price will automatically increase by 15% that means earnings right away.

The marketplace is a good place for you to interact with the podium, here you can buy fresh locations.

The locations are the raw materials of all. You can buy/rent/sell/collect/trade thesis locations and they are going to be needed for fresh games ter the near future, too.

The entire idea of this revolutionary crypto spel is one of the best te the web right now.

This is different from the surplus because this is the place related to crypto games but not related to gambing like other crypto games where you usually lose your money. So this community is more profitble than others so far and is going be more profitable te the future.

The are bounty features here, too. So there?s a limited number of ETH bounty that have bot hidden and if you find one of thesis then it will be automatically transferred to your ETH wallet address.

For you to commence you need to buy one location very first of all, go to the marketplace and choose one to embark.

1* Click buy and approve the payment ter MetaMask.

Two* Go to this pagina: https://cryptocities.televisiekanaal/detect and begin your very first discovery. It is going to take around 16 hours to accomplish more or less.

Trio* You will be able to make fatter discoveries spil you progress. Come and detect the valuable 50 point cities before others do. Go here and check: https://cryptocities.netwerk/discovery_info

Four* When you want to take profits off the table sell your locations te the marketplace.

Come and be part of this, trade and earn ETH trading CryptoCities.

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