29 WordPress Themes Like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, ViralNova


The original theme used by ViralNova



The current vormgeving used by ViralNova


Features include: responsive vormgeving, infinite scrolling, strategically-placed banner ad zones, subscription opbergruimte, social sharing buttons built-in, mega menukaart built-in, and much more.


Viral Buzzfeed-style WordPress Theme


The theme includes a handful of useful features like: most popular posts, optimized for sharing and virality, trending posts, fresh posts, and many other extras that optimize the likelihood of success for your content.


Bootstrap WordPress theme inspired by ViralNova


Touted spil a ViralNova clone, this theme includes many features that those building a viral or content sharing webpagina will find very appealing.

Included with the theme you will find: a responsive layout and vormgeving, infinite scrolling, icons for social sharing built-in, Bootstrap foundation, optimized for speed and SEO, and a theme options panel that permits you to lightly customize the look and layout to your liking.


Optimized viral and content sharing WordPress theme


Inwards you will find the theme packed with features like: optimized for speed and SEO, built-in review system, special sections for types of content (hot, popular, trending, most liked), responsive layout, featured posts section, effortless to customize, news/updates ticker, and more.


Social sharing WordPress theme


It features a number of extras that make it particularly well-suited for creating a viral webpagina like: the capability for visitors to “like” posts, social media integration, Facebook comments built-in, the capability for visitors to submit items/content, and numerous template/layout options that permit you to give your webpagina the precies look you want.

Mij Gusta!

Content sharing WordPress theme


It has all of the features you might want ter a theme of this type including: social network integration, Facebook comments/discussion built-in, mark content spil NSFW (not safe for work), permit visitors to submit their own content, and permits visitors to “love” your content and make “hot” once it reaches a certain number.

I Love It!

Content Sharing Theme for WordPress


The social and sharing aspects of the theme include the capability for visitors to “love” your content, create their own account and submit content, create NSFW posts/content, and permit them to postbode comments and discussion with the built-in Facebook functionality.

Additionally, it features large pics and text that will help you catch your visitor’s attention.


WordPress content sharing theme


Before sites like Buzzfeed and UpWorthy, there were ones like 9gag and other meme/comedy sites. The vormgeving of this theme will give you the volmaakt verhoging to share your content lightly and effortlessly while taking advantage of WordPress’ built-in user and registration capabilities.

Permit visitors to submit content, view the most popular and trending posts, and register to be a part of your online community.


Free content-sharing WordPress theme


With a plain, grid-style layout (that is somewhat like Pinterest ter its vormgeving), it is a free option that gives you a plain and easy-to-use webpagina that would be good for sharing movies, pics, and other content.



Take a closer look at the vormgeving and you will see elements from Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Distractify – providing you a webpagina that combines some of the best features from the popular sites.

With a handful of different layouts, numerous templates, and dozens of customization options to choose from – you can create a webpagina that is both unique to you, yet powerful ter its versatility.


Content-sharing WordPress theme using user-generated content


Setting itself exclusief from many of the viral WordPress themes that you might come across, this theme harnesses the power of your audience to expand and build out your content.

Permit visitors to submit their own content for approval and help exponentially grow your search traffic and audience.


WordPress theme like PlayBuzz and Buzzfeed


For those looking for enhanced functionality and features that you would otherwise have to rely on a premium plugin for, then this is the theme for you.

Built into the theme are the standard viral features you might find ter a few of the others you come across, like: effortless sharing, most popular and trending posts, etc.

What truly sets this speciaal from the surplus is the capability for you to create polls, lists, quizzes and more – something you would usually have to pay reserve for by purchasing a third-party premium plugin.


Viral & hum WordPress theme


The plane vormgeving and uncluttered layout permit you to create a webpagina that is not only aesthetically appealing, but good for enhancing the likeability of sharing.

Created to support almost any type of media and with special functionality built-in for popular, most collective, visitors’ beloved, and much more – it’s spil powerful and feature-rich spil it is beautiful.


WordPress theme optimized for viral content and sharing


Plain and straightforward, this theme’s vormgeving encourages your users to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

The administration instrumentenbord permits you to lightly customize and modify the theme to suit your needs.


Magazine-style WordPress theme


Albeit this is a more magazine-style theme compared to some of the others specifically built for content sharing, it nevertheless offers some good features, fountain time, and a few onvriendelijk of functionality (like the “trending” posts sidebar widget) that could work for you.


Popular WordPress theme for viral content


Just a few of the features you will find packaged with the theme include: the capability to create listicles (list articles), custom-built badges for content, integration with social media sites like Facebook, tightly integrated ad zones and management, spil well spil dozens of other features and customization options.


WordPress theme like BuzzFeed, 9Gag, BoredPanda, and other viral sites


The theme includes a number of pre-set layouts or styles to choose from: BoomBox Original (a viral theme webstek), Lonely Panda (will give you a theme like BoredPanda), Buzzy (will give you a theme like BuzzFeed), and Another GAG (which is a WordPress theme like 9Gag).

Powerful and pliable, this is one of the best viral and content sharing themes you will find.

Click Toestemmen

WordPress theme for viral blogs and content sharing sites


Built into the theme you will find a custom-built postbode gallery, a “continue reading” button (similar to what you may have seen on Mashable) that gives you the capability to serve more ads, support for WooCommerce and bbPress, goopy sidebars, built-in reviewing system, and postbode/pagina slideshows are just a few of the many features you will find inwards.


Magazine-style content sharing theme for WordPress


Featuring the capability to “feature” posts, a large sliding carousel near the header, a responsive and mobile-friendly vormgeving, special content sections and features, the capability to display local weather and time – spil well spil an advanced set of custom-built extras that help your share your content with spil many people spil possible.


Social & community viral WordPress theme


Beautifully-optimized for mobile devices and featuring prompt geyser times, front-end postbode subjugation, and more – it will give you a powerful foundation to build your next popular webpagina on.


Multi-use newspaper, blog, tijdschrift, & viral theme


Features include: advanced postbode filtering, built-in review/ratings system, responsive and mobile-friendly vormgeving, off-canvas spijskaart, mega menukaart functionality, infinite scrolling, instant search, and WooCommerce support/integration so you can lightly sell products on your webpagina.


WordPress theme for creating a viral news/story webstek or blog


It includes several premium plugins that permit you to make the most of your webpagina’s traffic and help your stories spread spil lightly spil possible: premium quiz builder plugin, top social stories plugin built-in, spil well spil the popular Visual Composer plugin.

Additionally, the theme is blazing rapid for incredible fountain times, features a masonry-style layout, supports WooCommerce, and dozens of other features have bot included.


Minimalist viral blog/news/tijdschrift WordPress theme


With a clean and modern layout that lightly displays your various content, it helps capture your visitor’s attention while maximizing their time on webpagina and encouraging them to share your content.

It features infinite scrolling, beautiful mobile views/layouts, numerous layout options to choose from, “trending” posts, and more.


Viral tv-programma/blog WordPress theme


With numerous postbode and pagina layout options and customization features available, you can create a webpagina that looks and functions exactly how you want it to.


Viral and whirr WordPress theme


The theme comes tooled with an ad-serving plugin, numerous header layouts, several different pagina/postbode layouts, and more.


WordPress theme inspired by ViralNova.com


Features include: responsive vormgeving with a grid-style layout, infinite scrolling, Four well-placed ad areas, and social sharing buttons integrated into the vormgeving.


WordPress theme like BuzzFeed.com


It features many of the functionality of the popular webpagina, along with a very similar look and feel to the vormgeving of the webpagina.

Vast Whirr

Viral and “buzz” theme for WordPress


It features many powerful enhancements and options to ensure your content has the best chance of reaching the most people.

Just a few of the features include: 8 different styles of webstek/layouts to choose from (default, comic, crazy, jokey, gag, buzzi, affiliate, moji, and jeer), the premium ViralPress plugin ($20+ value), the capability for visitors to postbode content spil well spil react to each chunk of content (funny, wow, WTF, etc.), opbergruimte and full-width layouts, and many other aspects that can be customized via the built-in theme options panel.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugin for WordPress


Social sharing plugin for WordPress


I have attempted most likely a dozen of thesis types of plugins and this (for mij anyway) strikes out any others I have attempted – it’s something I would certainly recommend taking a look at.

Created by Stijlvol Themes, if you determine to purchase this plugin you will also have unlimited access to their 87+ WordPress themes that they presently offerande.

Viral & Social Sharing WordPress Themes

A collection of the best WordPress themes & templates for creating your own viral webstek or blog

About this collection…

Spil they proceed to postbode remarkable traffic numbers, sites like Buzzfeed, ViralNova, UpWorthy, and Distractify have drawn attention to a relatively fresh online money-making prototype with their “social sharing” websites.

By cautiously crafting their “clickbait” headlines, thesis types of sites have gone on to become some of the fastest-growing media companies and websites everzwijn created – and established an entirely fresh industry ter the process.

Because of the ease of entry and the capability to quickly scale, they have also built a proefje that can lightly be replicated and copied… spil long spil you have some patience and creativity.

One of the sites (ViralNova) wasgoed/is pulling ter $400,000 vanaf month with a ordinary $40 WordPress theme.

If you’re wanting to create a viral webstek (or a section of an existing webpagina like the Washington Postbode did with their KnowMore blog), getting up and running couldn’t be lighter.

A handful of WordPress themes have bot created that will give you everything you need to set up your own social sharing/viral webpagina, incorporating many of the features and functionality that is so significant ter helping your content spread.

More Buzzfeed-style, Upworthy-like, & Content-Sharing WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for other WordPress themes that share a similar vormgeving to Distractify, ViralNova, and the other popular content sharing sites – many of the “magazine-style” themes available share a loterijlot of the same vormgeving characteristics spil the ones mentioned te this roundup (like Max Toestemmen, Hot Topix, or some created by Stijlvol Themes).

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